Story behind FunktDesign

With interest in both coding, drawing and graphic design.
I asked myself the questions; Do other people like what I do? Can I create a webshop, that is as close to full automatic as possible?.
In the beginning of summer 2020, I started to research, planned, drew and began coding... A lot!
1094 cups of coffee and several hours of coding, Funktdesign came to life and finally online in fall 2020.
FunktDesign is a place where I can play around with both graphic design and codes, all for You to purchase and wear.
Many other ideas is on the drawing board. For now I will focus on satisfied customers and user experience on this site.

Print On Demand

Besides me, one of the beauties with funktdesign, is that there are no stock or warehouse.
Everything will first get printed, when You place an order. Less headache for me and the environment.
The downside with this is the delivery time, is a bit longer than "normal" webshops.
I hope for your understanding. It also give some other benefits. I can purely focus on the site, designs - The parts where I thrive the most.

Kasper Kloster
Copenhagen, 2020.